How it works

We have tried to make bidding on your pigeons as simple as possible. Everything should speak for itself, but to explain the process a bit, here are a few steps:

Step 1
Create a user account here (if you haven’t already) and fill in your details as complete as possible.

Step 2
Browse the auctions until you find a pigeon you like, click on it for a complete description. Here you will find the pedigree and a larger photo.

Step 3
If you wish to buy the pigeon you see, simply enter the amount you wish to offer in the upper left box, and press bid.

Step 4
All that is left to do now is to keep an eye on your pigeon, until the time has expired. You will be notified whenever you have been outbid. So make sure to bid again and stay ahead of the others!

Step 5
Once the auction has ended, you will be notified by email. If you are the winner, your payment instructions will be shown on the same page of the pigeon under the ‘Pay Now’ option.

More information and images coming soon…